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DIY USB Joystick

Posted March 17, 2008 by Chris

This project is extremely useful for you flight simulator gurus out there. Commercially available joysticks are never good enough for games that demand pinpoint accuracy. Find out how to mod your joystick or even create your very own.

2 Responses to “DIY USB Joystick”

  1. estebanflyer Says:

    Hi, I was looking for a schematic diagram for a joystick and I bumped into your this design, and there is a couple of things that are not clear to me…

    Im in my beginning phase of electronics, so please understand!!

    1- in the diagram, pin number 7 of the ATMega 8 is a VCC, and pin number 20 reads VCC on 1 side and inside it reads AVCC. What should i connect in pin 7 and in pin 20??

    2- one end of the resistor of 2,2k says VCC. where does this one goes??

    3- both joined capacitor ends read VCC. where does it go??

    4- pin number 1 read PC6, where does it go to?

    5- If i wanted to build it with only 10 buttons, should i start removing from the diagram the smaller numbers like PD0 and PD 1 lines or the PD6 and 7??

    6- Is the ISP port necessary if i don’t want to perform any special programming??

    7- where does the ISP show on the schematic diagram??

    Thank you so much in advance, I hope i don’t bother you with my questions…


    Esteban Diaz

  2. junyuansun Says:

    Can you share information about usb joystick?
    thank you.

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