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5 dof Robotic Arm

Posted March 8, 2008 by Chris

This robotic arm has 5 degrees of freedom utilizing standard hobby servo motors. The grippers are quite strong, the software is very user friendly and the mechanical structure very sound (albeit out of wood). The author also includes some nice schematics, pics & a cool video. Give it a look!

6 Responses to “5 dof Robotic Arm”

  1. Marco Antonio Says:

    I have been working on a project, and I would like to build an arm like this, but i haven’t decided what kind of motors I’ll use, so i would like to know what’s the torque of the servo motors that have been used in this project.

    Thaks, I’ll be waiting for your answer.

  2. Chris Says:

    The Shoulder & Elbow use HS 475-HB Servos.
    They are rated @ Torque: 4.4 kg-cm (61 oz-in) at 4.8V.

  3. Marco Antonio Says:

    Thanks a lot…I’ll consider that kind of motor for my project, It seems that they’r strong.

  4. jyo Says:

    hi there,
    can anyone tell me that, whether i will be able to sense a 5 degree of
    freedom using just one accelerometer chip adxl330

  5. Cloud Sky Says:


  6. yasin Says:

    Dear Friend,

    Please help me to do a simple robotic arm with out micro controller by using DC motors

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