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BBC Micro on FPGA

Posted September 19, 2014 by Chris

"The project was, like the Spectrum, implemented on a Terasic DE1 board with an Altera Cyclone II FPGA. The entire design is written in VHDL, and it fits in 2907 logic elements when compiled on Quartus 9.1. This is about 16% of the capacity of the EP2C20. A small amount of on-chip memory is used for the teletext character generator ROM, with the program ROMs residing in off-chip flash."

Meet Robin: The CAPS-LOCK indicating robotic helper

Posted September 18, 2014 by Chris

"Are you struggling to see if your caps-lock is enabled? Typing in incorrect passwords, because of this? Robin can be of assistance. He will also warn you if you are toggling caps-lock to quickly."

Media Controller: ITP_Smell_Dano

Posted September 17, 2014 by Chris

"Gavin bought two battery operated Glade Sense and Spray fresheners at a local drug store and pulled out the logic board and hooked the motors up to the emitters of an NPN 2222 transistors so whenever the Arduino sends a high signal to the base of the transistor the freshener sprays."

RFM12 – Wireless Transceiver Module Demo

Posted September 16, 2014 by Chris

"This project shows how to do wireless communication with the RFM12 tranceiver modue in combination with a PIC microcontroller. The RFM12 is a low costing ISM band FSK transceiver module. There are different module variants available which support different frequency bands: 315/433/868/915MHZ."

Saeco Talea – Automatic Coffee Machine – Teardown and Analysis

Posted September 14, 2014 by Chris

" I got this coffee machine from work because it was a maintenance nightmare. I’ll tear it down, do the analysis on how it works and detail on some design problems as well. It’s going to be a rather long post with quite a lot of pictures."

Time-lapse photography: a simple Arduino-driven camera intervalometer

Posted September 13, 2014 by Chris

"While testing my automated critter camera, I was getting lots of false positives caused by clouds gathering and growing and then evaporating away. False positives are annoying, but I discovered that it’s fun watching the clouds grow and change in all those photos … which got me thinking about time-lapse photography."

Open Source Framework for USB Generic HID devices using PIC18F

Posted September 11, 2014 by Chris

"I’ve developed a framework for producing USB devices which covers both the Windows host-side application development and the PIC18F firmware itself. The framework consists of a Visual Studio C# class library, a windows reference application, a simple USB hardware reference design and a PIC18F4550 firmware which communicates with the class library."

Building a CNC machine

Posted September 10, 2014 by Chris

"I wanted a machine capable of engraving, drilling and milling printed circuit boards, and cutting out shapes in thin aluminium sheet. Basically so that I could more easily build things like this robot. I also wanted to have fun building a technical and robust piece of machinery."

Arduino – LCD Image Viewer

Posted September 9, 2014 by Chris

"This is a quick project I made to try out a 1.8″ colour LCD display from Ebay, the microcontroller code is very simple, after initializing the display it just waits for serial data and sends it straight to the display. Image processing is done by the host program…"

LOpen – PIC10F202 controlled Logic Pen

Posted September 7, 2014 by Chris

"This time it’s a Logic Pen controlled by a tiny 6-pin PIC10F202. The PCB is 5 cm by 5mm so it fits just fine inside a regular ballpoint pen and have 5 leds (1 power led and 4 controllable from the PIC), over voltage protection on the probe input, reverse polarity protection using a p-fet."