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A Microchip PIC Based USB Sound Card

Posted May 26, 2015 by Chris

"The sound card runs at a sample rate of 48KHz, 32KHz or 24KHz selectable by the OS with 12 bits per sample. The quality approaches commercial grade as the sample rate is higher then CDs. 44.1KHz was not implemented due to the difficultly and additional processing overhead."

The Internet Enabled Fishtank

Posted May 25, 2015 by Chris

"I imagine you’re here because you have heard about the internet enabled fishtank, the world’s most advanced taking aquarium. I made it as a one-off project purely to push my technical skills to the limit and create something awesome."

Beaglebot – A BeagleBoard based robot

Posted May 24, 2015 by Chris

"Over the last 6 months or so I’ve been working on a BeagleBoard based robot. The motivation for this was to build a general robotics platform to try out some ideas I have on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) and robust sensor fusion. Here’s the result so far."

Shooting paintball maker with relay, Arduino and .NET WinForms

Posted May 23, 2015 by Chris

"Now I continue the ‘Out of Boredom’ series with a setup that allows firing a paintball marker (gun) with a command sent from a computer :) This time software stack is simpler – just a small Arduino sketch and uncomplicated WinForms (.NET/C#) application, but hardware requires a bit of electronics knowledge."

High Power LED Mood Lamp

Posted May 22, 2015 by Chris

"…project named ‘DIY Led Mood Lamp’ can become a very interesting add-on for your room that’s absolutely sure it will impress everyone. As you can see in the photos, we talk about a color fading lamp, that looks amazing!"

PyroEDU Lesson On IR Proximity Sensors!

Posted May 21, 2015 by Chris

This week we are learning about proximity sensors in our new PyroEDU course: An Introduction To Sensors. In this lesson we’ll look at everything there is to know about IR Proximity Sensors. Here’s a quick intro of what this PyroEDU lesson is all about:

Knowing if something is in front of you is very useful for many different electronic applications. In this lesson we will use an infrared emitter and detector to sense if an object has crossed the sensor’s path.

This online course is also be available through:

A Large Hexapod Made of Wood and PVC

Posted May 19, 2015 by Chris

"A few months ago I had the idea to build a large hexapod using PVC pipe as the legs, wood for the body, and windshield-wiper motors for the actuators. Unlike my last hexapod robot, PegLeg, the middle legs would use 2 motors for lifting, allowing both to be controlled separately. This left the potential for some interesting locomotion if everything came together correctly."

Building a new firmware for the Senseo coffee machine

Posted May 17, 2015 by Chris

"This part will describe all the hardware and various techniques used to figure out which signal goes where. Why do this? It’s an improvement on the original firmware and an exercise in consumer product design."

Aquarium Computer

Posted May 16, 2015 by Chris

"….But the process of building a PC is pretty boring, it’s just an exercise of picking out compatible parts for the right price. I decided to make it slightly more interesting by submerging the entire computer in a fish tank full of mineral oil."

USB Digital GPIO I/O extender

Posted May 15, 2015 by Chris

"Add general purpose input/output lines to your computer based projects. This circuit is a 12 pin digital GPIO interface using the Microchip PIC18f14k50 microcontroller which connects to an USB host port. The microcontroller is available in through-hole DIP20 and SMD packages, too."