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Old School SMS Communication

Posted December 24, 2010 by Chris

Taking a break from the hardcore stuff, here’s an old classic: older cell phones were much more (hardware) hackable compared to newer cell phones. Getting received SMS messages out of them to control electronics was easily achieved. This project shows you how to control elecotronics via SMS, old school style.

Mobots: Speedo

Posted December 21, 2010 by Chris

If you’re an avid bike rider and you have an extra nokia lcd laying around, this project is for you. Speedo uses a nokia lcd to display your current bicycle RPM’s and distance traveled. The project write-up includes: schematics, software and action shots.

Automated Text Messages To Your Cell

Posted November 7, 2010 by Chris

Text messaging has recently become mainstream and second nature. Many cell networks will now let you send text messages to a cell phone with an e-mail message. This is extremely convenient and the today’s project explains how to do it.

Phone Recorder Project

Posted October 27, 2010 by Chris

If you’re curious about how telephones work and how to actually record and play back sound files using a microcontroller you’ll want to read this project write-up. The phone line is connected to a PIC which collects that data and can save it as a wave file for you to play back and listen to.

Flickr Images On A Nokia LCD

Posted October 15, 2010 by Chris

Adding a display to your project makes it look that much cooler, plus ‘normal’ people will have a shot at understanding what you’re doing! This project write-up goes through the process of using a Nokia LCD to display images from Flickr. Source Code and Schematics included.

Prepaid Phone GPS Tracker

Posted August 12, 2008 by Chris

The cell phone gps tracker has an entire website dedicated to it. You communicate with the device by sending text messages and can get all the data you’d ever need from it about your location, speed..etc, all with a cheap prepaid cell phone. Be sure to take a look.

Nokia Cellular Phone Mods

Posted August 6, 2008 by Chris

This project write-up offers the fundamental details about the old school nokia cell phones. The main focus of the write-up is modifying the LCD so that we can write whatever we want onto it. Hardware schematics & software are there for you to download.

SMS Controlled VCR

Posted February 18, 2008 by Chris

As if a standard ir remote control wasn’t good enough now you can use an SMS message to control your VCR. This project utilizes SMS technology & a PIC microcontroller to tell your vcr what to do. Press record from thousands of kilometers/miles away!