Course 2: Digital Electronics » Lesson 5: Design an RS Latch

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Introduction to Digital Electronics

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Number Systems

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Logic Gates

Lesson 4

The Karnaugh Map

Lesson 5

Design an RS Latch

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Lesson 7

Clocks and Oscillators

Lesson 8

Design a 4-bit Shift Register

Lesson 9

Design a 4-bit Counter

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Design an LED Chaser

Lesson 11

7400 Series Logic Devices

Lesson 12

4000 Series Logic Devices

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Lesson 5: The SR Latch

The next step into the digital world is to create stable logic elements. The first such element is called a latch and it can be built using simple logic gates. In this lesson we will explore how to build a latch using NOR logic gates and NAND logic gates. In addition, we will take a look at what timing diagrams are and how to use them.

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