Course 2: Digital Electronics » Lesson 1: Introduction to Digital Electronics

Lesson 1

Introduction to Digital Electronics

Lesson 2

Number Systems

Lesson 3

Logic Gates

Lesson 4

The Karnaugh Map

Lesson 5

Design an RS Latch

Lesson 6


Lesson 7

Clocks and Oscillators

Lesson 8

Design a 4-bit Shift Register

Lesson 9

Design a 4-bit Counter

Lesson 10

Design an LED Chaser

Lesson 11

7400 Series Logic Devices

Lesson 12

4000 Series Logic Devices

Lesson Video

Lesson 1: The Introduction

If you have never studied digital electronics before and want to get started broadening your knowledge of all things digital, then you have come to the right place. This first lesson explains what this course is about, what tools you’ll need to follow along with the course and what expectations you should have from taking this course.

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