The PIC Microcontroller: Conclusion

A Look Back On The PIC Microcontroller
           It Works! We have connected the PIC to our host computer via MPLAB. While this tutorial may have seemed rather trivial to some it is a pivotal point when you are beginning to work with a new embedded device. Very often, just connecting to it can be the most difficult task of the whole project.

What To Do Now
           Everyone always wants to dive head first into things and learn it all right away. However this is just not how human beings learn. What I recommend you do now is go back to Microchip's website and look up the Datasheet for the PIC that you have. Whether it is the 18f452 or the 18f4550, doesn't matter. Look up the data sheet (microchip has a nice search utility) and get familiar with the device you are going to be using. The datasheet has everything you'd ever need to or want to know about the PIC, you will often refer back to it.

           This is the easiest way to make the Host Computer to PIC connection. The next step is actually using this connection to download programs to the PIC's internal memory and to receive debug information through the ICD2-Tiny. The next PIC tutorial brings up this topic. If you would like to continue on to the next tutorial click the following link.... Tutorial: PIC Programming