The PIC Microcontroller: Host to PIC

Connecting a Host to the PIC
           After all that it is finally time to do what we came here for. We can now get our host computer (the one with mplab) talking to the PIC on the development board. Before We continue, double check that everything is securely connected. Just one unplugged cable will make everything stop working.
           Now go ahead and open MPLAB:

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           Now with MPLAB open we are ready to attempt to connect to the PIC. The following video will guide you through the process of:

1. Selecting the Right Programmer (ICD2)
2. Configuring MPLAB for the Programmer
3. Downloading a New Programmer Operating System
4. Connecting the Host Computer to the PIC

           So whenever you're ready go ahead and click play on the video below and be sure to fullscreen it by clicking the button in the lower right corner of the video. Pause it as necessary, it may be a little too fast to follow along with it at the same time.

You've done it! Your computer connects to the PIC! This is the first step into embedded system development. The next step is actually making, compiling & downloading programs to the PIC. It is almost as easy as what you've just done!