The PIC Microcontroller: Parts List

Current Part:

Electrical Parts
· 15 Volt Power Supply
· 9 Volt Power Supply
· Tiny-ICD2 PIC Programmer
· DB-9 Serial Cable
· Olimex P-40 Development Board

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Parts List Details
           You may or may not be familiar with the parts above so a picture of each item has been included to clear up any possible questions.

Olimex P-40 Development Board & 9v Power Supply
           This development board is built & sold by Olimex. It has a very simple layout that is great for beginners. It features a 20 MHz clock, (for the PIC this means it executes 1 instruction every 1/5,000,000 of a second). The 9v Transformer just provides the DC power required by the board. A 9v battery could easily take its place.

ICD2-Tiny Pic Programmer & 15v Power Supply
           This is a smaller version of the larger & much more expensive ICD2. ICD stands for In-Circuit Debugger. This means that the programmer not only programs, but also features debugging capabilities (we'll learn why this is neat later on).

DB-9 Serial Cable
           There is really nothing special about this cable. It just a standard 9-pin Male->Female serial cable. Make sure your computer has a serial connection! Many newer laptops only have USB ports and no COM (communications) port.