Wireless Interface RF Modules

Project Info
Author: Chris
Difficulty: Easy
Time Invested: 2 Hours

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           At some point in every electronics designer's life, they need to transfer information wirelessly. While wires are a great and reliable way to connect devices together, sometimes they are not practical. Car alarms, cell phones and TVs all require some degree of wireless transmission.
           To make life easier for people starting out in electronics, very simple RF modules have been designed and are widely used because of their low cost and low overhead. Other more complex and reliable RF modules like Xbee/Zigbee exist as well, however they cost more.

Wireless Interface RF Modules - Action Video

Wireless RF Interface - Module Pair

Wireless RF Interface - Transmitter/Receiver

Purpose & Overview of this project
           This tutorial aims to build a wireless interface between two PIC microcontrollers, one as a receiver and one as a transmitter. The transmitting rf interface will send information at 1200bps from the PIC's USART. The receiving rf interface will receive the information and pass it to the receiving PIC's USART where the command can be decoded and interpreted.
           To confirm that the proper information is being received, two buttons for input will be present on the transmitter and two LEDs for output on the receiver. When one button is pressed, a specific command will transmit lighting up one LED, when the other button is pressed, the other LED will be turned on.