Interfacing A PIC To LCD: Introduction

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Project Info
Author: Chris
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Time Invested: 2 Hours

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           There comes a time when leds have used up all that they offer for debugging and actual text is necessary. The 16x2 LCD character display offers a unique method for displaying output. It's more complicated than lighting leds, however the reward of clear & clean text is easier on the eyes.
           What makes these lcd boards unique is that they actually already have controlling circuitry on the board. All the hard stuff is already taken care of! All we will have to do is send commands and print statements to the board to let it know what, where & when to put text.


Purpose & Overview of this project
           The goal of this tutorial is to connect all the hardware from the olimex p40 board to the new lcd and then to write software for the PIC that displays text on the lcd. All the software will be written in C18 code in an mplab enviornment.
           these lcd displays are very simple and are limited to displaying character by character so we won't actually be controlling every single pixel on the lcd.