Interfacing A PIC To LCD: Parts List

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Electrical Parts
P40 Olimex Dev Board
PIC 18F452 Microcontroller
16x2 LCD w/ HD44780 Interface
Wire 30 AWG (aka Wirewrap)
Wirewrap Tool
Soldering Iron

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Parts List Details
           You may or may not be familiar with the parts above so a picture of each item has been included to help give you an idea of what they look like. I'll go through and explain each part briefly below.

The P40 Dev Board
           This is the development board made by olimex that we've used in several tutorials & projects here. It is sturdy and looks alot better than a plain white breadboard. A row of sips on each side of the pic is soldered adjacently to allow easy access to i/o ports via the sips.

The 16x2 LCD
           The core component in this project is the 16x2 LCD. Depending on the manufacturer you buy it from it may have the part number of HD44780 or GMD1602K. There's alot of different ones out there. As long as it says somewhere it uses the HD44780 interface then everything written in this tutorial will apply to your lcd!

Solder & Wirewrap
           We're going to do a bit of soldering onto the main p40 board and on to the lcd board. We'll put some sips into each of them to facilitate wirewrapping the pins together. The advantage of doing this is that the end design will look very clean.