Interfacing A PIC To LCD: Conclusion

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An Overview Of The 16x2 LCD
           This tutorial was ment to be a simple introduction to the 16x2 LCD. There are cooler things you can do with it which I'll get into in the 'what to do now' section. The LCD HD74480 interface makes adding this LCD to any project a real easy task. There is virtualy no upkeep necessary since it has its own controlling circuitry.

What To Do Now
           If you go back and look at that chart of commands that you can send to the LCD there's some named CGRAM, DDRAM and other weird things that we didn't use. These commands along with many others you can read about in the HD44780 datasheet allow you to customize your display with both custom characters made by you! As well as other advanced functions. Go check out that datasheet!

           LEDs & LCD are always very consumer friendly. People love to see these shiny things that tell us stuff. This is probably why we always put immature text on LCDs once we get them working 0=D. You did it too, don't lie! Overall this tutorial was successful. There were no real hangups and the process was pretty straight forward.
           If you have any further questions, I implore you...don't be shy, take a look at the forums or ask a question there. I check them out regularly and love getting comments & questions.