Animatronic Eyes

Servo Mount Hardware Design
           With the gimbal system in place, we need a way to actuate the ping pong eye balls. Servo motors will be used to do that with a wire-pulley type system. The following pictures and description will show you how to complete this process.

Building The Circuit
          Below you can see a picture of all the parts for this process. 4 servo motors (Pico Servos or HS-55), some MDF building material and E-poxy.

·The first two servos for controlling up and down movement in the eyes are fit into one piece of MDF.

·Then it is glued with E-poxy to the back of the face, with 2 supports.

·Using standard breadboard wire (AWG 22) the L brackets are connected to the servos for actuating the gimbal.

·Here you can see a close-up of the first level of pulleys.

·The 2nd level is glued with E-poxy. These will turn the eyes left/right.

·Here's a close-up view of the two layers of servos.

·Again, breadboard wire (AWG 22) will be used for the pulley system.

·Here's the last shot of the servo mounting. Pulley systems are completed.

·The mechanical work is done, now let's look at the electrical side.