Animatronic Eyes

Gimbal Hardware Design
           The first step to building our animatronic eyes, is getting the hardware setup and the servo motors linked to the eyes. I'll do this in a step by step process below with pictures to show you exactly how it's done.

Building The Circuit
          Gather all the mechanical parts, you can see them pictured below. I didn't know which type of pulley wire I would be using to actuate the eyes, so I got a pile of different types of wires.

·Using two cuts of white PVC pipe, here is the first axis component of the gimbal.

·If I put the mock-up eyes on the face, this is how it should look when we finish.

·So, first cut out the space for the eyes so the pipe fits inside.

·Using the two screws/bolts fasten the piping to the eye sockets.

·Next, glue the 4 metal L brackets to the gimbal and eyes.

·Now put the ping pong ball eyes in place with the metal pin.

·The first part of building the eyes is complete.

·Here is the front of the face, looks like a creepy ghost!

·Now lets connect the eye balls to the servo motors so they can be actuated.