The Stunning Camera: Hardware

Camera Reassembly
           The main modifications are now complete. All that is left is to solder a few more points and to put the camera (carefully) back together.

Step (1) - Snap The Circuit Board Back Into Place»

Step (2) - Solder The Wires From The Hole To The Flash Push Button Planes»

Step (3) - Epoxy Some Foil Atop The Film Canister»

Step (4) - Solder One Of the Wires From Where The Capacitor Was On The Foil»

Step (5) - Epoxy Foil To The Bottom Of The Camera»

Step (6) - Solder The Other Wire To The Foil»

Step (7) - Partially Completed Stunning Camera»

Step (8) - Cut A Length Of Foil & Find The Camera Face Plate»

Step (9) - Wrap The Foil Around The Picture Push Button»

Step (10) - Fold Up The Excess Foil & Epoxy It Onto The Button»

Step (11) - Carefully Push The Faceplate Back Onto The Camera»

Step (12) - Remove The Perforated 'Proof Of Purchase'»

Step (13) - Epoxy The Paper Packaging Back Onto The Camera & It's Done!