The Stunning Camera: Hardware

Camera Modification
           Now that we have the inside pieces of the camera we need, primarily the circuit board, we can get on with the modification. The circuit board will be modified and the case of the camera will be modified.

Step (1) - Bend The Capacitor So The Leads Are Straight»

Step (2) - Use Your Soldering Iron & Desolder The Capacitor»

Step (3) - Solder Two Wires Into Where The Capacitor Leads Were»

Step (4) - Cut Two Lengths Of Wire & Get Your SPST (DPDT) Switch»

Step (5) - Solder The Two Wires To The Middle & Left Side Terminals»

Step (6) - Drill A Small Hole In The Side Of The Camera Where The Film Was»

Step (7) - Drill A Small Hole On Exactly The Opposite Side Of Previous Hole»

Step (8) - Use The Epoxy To Glue The Switch Into The First Hole»

Step (9) - Make Sure The Switch Is Securely Glued Inside»

Step (10) - Pull The Wires Through The Second Hole»

Step (11) - These Are The Main Modifications, Now Let's Put It Back Together»