The Stunning Camera: Parts List

Current Part:

Single-Use Camera
1 SPST Switch
Aluminum Foil
Colored AWG 24 Wire
5 Minute Epoxy
Soldering Iron

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Parts List Details
           You may or may not be familiar with the parts above so a picture of each item has been included to help give you an idea of what they look like. I'll go through and explain each part briefly below.

Single-Use Camera
           This is a standard single use camera. The cheapest that could be found (~$4). They are available at almost any store you can think of. Typically they will offer 27 exposures and are very cheap looking.

SPST Switch
           The role of the SPST switch or DPDT or whatever switch you chose, is to enable the current to flow through the camera's transformer and create the high voltage. Basically an "On/Off" switch so you don't waste the battery as its almost impossible to remove the battery once you've finished the project. The 'flash' button on the front side of the camera used to do what this switch now does.

Aluminum Foil
           The best type of aluminum foil to get is black so that it blends in with the camera's black plastic body but standard silver foil isn't completely irregularly noticeable. Foil will be placed on the button used to take the picture and at the base of the camera. These two points are how people normally touch the camera whilst taking a picture.

5 Minute Epoxy
           Epoxy will be used to glue the foil onto the camera at the three spots and to glue the switch in place. Any type of epoxy is fine, infact a 30-second epoxy might be better so you don't have to wait so long.

Solder & Soldering Iron
           The soldering iron will be needed for removing the capacitor from the main circuit board. Be sure to discharge the capacitor before working around it. Use a normal flat-blade screwdriver and touch both leads. You'll see a gigantic spark & pop sound if the capacitor was charged. We will need both the solder & soldering iron for wiring to the board at the 4 special spots.