The Stunning Camera: Conclusion

An Overview Of The Stunning Camera
           The stunning camera really stunned alot of people. While testing one can't help but feel a little guilty. You know what's coming but they haven't a clue. It is important to note that not all cameras are created equally so while building this project extreme caution should be taken. You should know exactly what you're doing before doing it.

What To Do Now
           This project has a bit of a dead-end in terms of how it could be expanded. You could just go all out and make a stun-gun instead of just a prank camera but we're not trying to advocate weaponry here, just expand our minds & intellect. This project does give way to more analog type circuits & transformers. So if you want to know how to turn a 1.5v battery into a 12v source you've just had a bit of a prequel.

           This project was quite successful, more so than expected. Single-use cameras now have 'two' uses perhaps. Taking pictures & shocking people. The project can be built even within the most modest of budgets which goes to show you how the more knowledge you have the less you'll have to spend on projects!
           If you have any further questions, I implore you...don't be shy, take a look at the forums or ask a question there. I check them out regularly and love getting comments & questions.