The Stunning Camera: Theory

The Transformer
           In circuit theory a transformer is made of two coils that use the property of induction (more specifically mutual induction). Depending on the properties (size) of these coils you can create different voltages. Below is a picture of what a transformer symbol looks like in circuit theory.

           The reason the idea of a transformer is so useful to use in this case is because it is found on the circuit board inside the camera. It is what creates the really high voltage used to charge the flash-capacitor. The two coils that form the transformer on the circuit board look like this:

           Coil #1 is noticeably larger than Coil #2. When a larger coil inducts onto a smaller coil the voltage across the smaller coil will be sizeably larger than the voltage across the large coil. In this case several hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of times larger.
           Unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on the proper equipment to measure the exact voltage this device outputs so I just had to rely on circuit theory to prove that it was safe to use.