The Stunning Camera: Hardware

Camera Disassembly
           Taking the camera apart is probably one of the most crucial parts of this project. You have to be sure not to break anything or rip the packaging of the unit otherwise it will be obvious that the camera has been tampered with.

           So starting at square one, here's the process of the camera disassembly starting with all the parts you'll need to do this project:

Step (1) - All The Parts Necessary»

Step (2) - For This Part We Just Need The Camera»

Step (3) - Take The Plastic Wrap Off»

Step (4) - Take The Paper Wrap Off, Be Extra Careful Not To Tear It»

Step (5) - The AA Battery That Powers The Camera Is In The Bottom»

Step (6) - Remove The AA Battery»

Step (7) - Take The Face Plate Off The Camera»

Step (8) - Touch The Two Capacitor Leads Together To Discharge It»

Step (9) - Remove The Main Circuit Board»

Step (10) - Remove The Film From The Camera»

Step (11) - Now We Have The Circuit Board, Let's Mod It»