Course 3: Analog Electronics » Lesson 9: Design A Simple Amplifier

Lesson 1

Introduction to Analog Electronics

Lesson 2

AC vs DC

Lesson 3

Rectifying Diode Circuits

Lesson 4

The Zener Diode

Lesson 5

RC and RL Filters

Lesson 6

RLC Filter Design

Lesson 7

Active Filter Design

Lesson 8

Design a BJT Amplifier

Lesson 9

Design a Simple Amplifier

Lesson 10

Design an Audio Amplifier

Lesson Video

Lesson 9: Design An OpAmp Amplifier

A different type of standard amplifier uses what is called an op-amp. This type of amplifier is very easy to setup and design with widely available formulas for how they work. In this lesson we will put these equations to work and build a basic 741 opamp amplifier, testing it out with an audio input signal.

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