Course 3: Analog Electronics » Lesson 7: Active Filter Design

Lesson 1

Introduction to Analog Electronics

Lesson 2

AC vs DC

Lesson 3

Rectifying Diode Circuits

Lesson 4

The Zener Diode

Lesson 5

RC and RL Filters

Lesson 6

RLC Filter Design

Lesson 7

Active Filter Design

Lesson 8

Design a BJT Amplifier

Lesson 9

Design a Simple Amplifier

Lesson 10

Design an Audio Amplifier

Lesson Video

Lesson 7: Active Filter Design

This type of analog filter is one that utilizes op-amps which can make sure the input signal is the same strength as the output signal. In this lesson we will build an active band-pass filter and see the effect it has on an audio signal when we vary its parameters.

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