FM Bug Transmitter Mint Box

Project Info
Author: Chris
Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Time Invested: 7 Hours

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           So we've already seen mint can MP3 players and mint can amplifiers for guitars and tons of other projects, why not an FM bug transmitter? Well for starters, a tin can would be the worst place to put an fm transmitter! Luckily I stumbled upon this plastic mint box and thought...why not?
           Two transistor FM transmitters and FM bug circuits are all over the internet and they all share a common design that will be followed in this project as well. The reason I'm not trying to invent something new here is simply because FM transmitters have been redesigned to death. Why not instead have some fun with it?

The Final FM Bug Transmitter Mint Box

FM Bug Transmitter Up Close

The Actual FM Transmitter - It's TINY!

Purpose & Overview of this project
           The goal of this project is for me personally to learn a little more about fm transmitters and fm bug making (may the HAM radio gods bless me in this pursuit). The ideal outcome of this project is a very small and full functional FM transmitter that we can stick into a plastic mint box.
           In order to be able to build this, we'll have to learn a lot about amplifiers, LC oscillators, mixers, antennas and FM. This project assumes you're already comfortable build your own PCB boards. If you're not please take a look at the homemade pcb's tutorial before you continue. It will help you out a lot.