XBee Module Configuration

Current Part:

2x XBee Wireless Modules
LM7805 +5v Regulator
2x LM317 Variable Regulator
2x 10kΩ Resistor
4x 100Ω Resistor
47uF Capacitor
Power LED
2x 2N2222
2x Breadboard
2x 9v Connector
2x Battery Holder
DB9 Connector

Parts List Details
           If you follow my articles then you have definitely seen all of these parts before, but for those of you who are new around these parts I will give a more detailed description of the main parts below.

XBee Wireless Modules
           These are the modules that we're going to configure. You only need 1 module if you are just test out how to configure them, but I wanted to have two to do a range test.

7805 +5 Voltage Regulator
           This +5v regulator will be used create the power supply source for all of the electronics used in this circuit. Since the circuit is very small the actual load placed on this regulator will be small, maybe 100 miliamp.

LM317 Variable Regulator
           One of these variable regulators will be used with a resistor and trimpot to get the +3.3v necessary to power the XBee modules. You don't want to use +5v on the XBee modules because it can damage them.

2N2222 General Purpose Transistor
           Two of these transistors will be used as level shifters to translate between +3.3v and +5v logic between the XBee module and the MAX233A.

Power LED
           There is nothing special about this LED, it tells us when the power is conencted and being regulated. Nothing more, nothing less...simple!

Jumper Wires & Breadboard
           Two breadboards will be used, one small one for the receiver XBee module and a larger one to include the MAX233A interface circuit. The circuits will be connected together with standard breadboard jumper wire.