Servo Motor Control: Introduction

Project Info
Author: Chris
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Time Invested: 3 Hours

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           The servo motor has been around for quite some time. It has gained alot of popularity for it ease of use & application, especially in hobby & rc electronics. Almost every rc car, helicopter or plane will have at least 1 servo motor inside.

           This tutorial will cover:
1. Servo Motor Theory.
2. Single Servo Motor Control w/ PIC.
3. Multiple Servo Motor Control w/ PIC.

           It is highly recommended that you understand how to program a PIC before continuing with this tutorial. I have a tutorial written that explains this process. Take a quick look through it if you're not familiar with the PIC Microprocessor.

The Servo Motor

The Servo Connector

Purpose of this project
           The purpose of this project is to explain what a servo motor is, how it is used & how to control it using the PIC microcontroller. Basic servo theory will be explained and then we'll look at some sample programing methods to control servo motors.
           A great advantage of servo motors is that they are very easy to control in comparison with other types of motors (DC, Stepper) that require an H-Bridge or external circuitry. The servo motor has all this circuitry internally.