Servo Motor Control: Parts List

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Parts List
· 15 Volt Power Supply
· 9 Volt Power Supply
· Tiny-ICD2 PIC Programmer
· DB-9 Serial Cable
· Olimex P-40 Development Board
· Hi-Tec HS-422 Servo Motor**

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Parts List Details
           You may or may not be familiar with the parts above so a picture of each item has been included to clear up any possible questions.

Olimex P-40 Development Board & 9v Power Supply
           This development board is built & sold by Olimex. It has a very simple layout that is great for beginners. It features a 20 MHz clock, (for the PIC this means it executes 1 instruction every 1/5,000,000 of a second). The 9v Transformer just provides the DC power required by the board. A 9v battery could easily take its place.

ICD2-Tiny Pic Programmer & 15v Power Supply
           This is a smaller version of the larger & much more expensive ICD2. ICD stands for In-Circuit Debugger. This means that the programmer not only programs, but also features debugging capabilities.

DB-9 Serial Cable
           There is really nothing special about this cable. It just a standard 9-pin Male->Female serial cable. Make sure your computer has a serial connection! Many newer laptops only have USB ports and no COM (communications) port.

Hi-Tec HS-422 Servo Motor
           This is a 'deluxe' servo motor. Deluxe just means it is capable of more torque than the standard servos that Hi-Tec sells. The best thing about servo motors is no matter what type of servo you have they are all controlled the same way (depending on the brand). So It doesn't matter if you are using a Hi-Tec HS-311S, HS-322HD or any model. They all take the same type of signal to control the motor.

**Any Hi-Tec Brand Servo Motor Can Be Used.