Animatronic Mouths

Animatronic Mouth LCD Hardware Design
           A mock-up face was used for this LCD mouth because I reserved the actual animatronic face for the articulated mouth. The following pictures and descriptions will show you how the hardware was put together to make the LCD mouth and how the electronics were put together.

Building The Circuit
          Get your parts together and follow the schematic. I built mine and in stages as you can see below...

·First I connected together the power circuit.

·The PIC circuit was added next.

·I used many jumper wires as ports to connect wire-wrap to.

·Here you can see the first wire-wrap connections.

·Wire-wrapping is done, now I added the backlight control circuitry.

·Everything is wired up, even though it looks a little messy.

·The view from the front is much better. The mouth is ready to go.

·Let's take a look at the software for both mouths and get things programmed!