Animatronic Mouths

Data & Observations
           Two vidoes were created to display how these two animatronic and LCD setups work. Obviously the face with moving eyes and eyebrows seems far more life-like compared to the LCD mouth with a mock-up face, however our focus here is purely on how well the mouths work relative to their design. The first video demonstrates the articulated mouth.

           This second video demonstrates how the LCD mouth works. It is flashing to represent mouth movement. Not exactly animatronic, however it is a simple alternative design if you don't have a spare servo laying around. I ran out of time so the second demo is just a quick GIF animation.

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           Like them both, one or the other, or neither, I think there is a convincing display for the illusion that is speaking synchronized to mouth movement. It might not be perfect, but perfection wasn't the goal, functionality was!