The VGA Test Box: Introduction

Project Info
Author: Chris
Difficulty: Medium
Time Invested: 12 Hours

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           For quite some time I've been wanting to create a device that outputs VGA signals. My main goal was of course to be able to display whatever I wanted on the monitor I was currently using.
           After extensively researching to see if this project had previously been attempted (or anything similar) I became very frustrated to find little information on the topic. So I decided to go ahead and expand on the information I did find and do this project for a computer interface circuits class I was taking.
           The finished product looks kind of odd because of the wooden enclosure, however it serves its purpose as a 'Test Box'.

Purpose & Overview of this project
           The goal of this project is to create a device that is capable of outputing VGA signals to a CRT monitor inorder to display figures, text and characters.
           Timing is a core essential in this project. If the signal is off by even 1 microsecond, the signal synchronization with the CRT display will be lost and forced to resync.
           This will be done using a Microchip PIC microcontroller at 4 MHz clock speed. The programming required to achieve the VGA timing signals must be done in low level assembly because of the high level of precision that is necessary. The hardware assembly is just basic buttons, switches & wire that you can purchase from local electronics stores.

Front of the Test Box:

Back of the Test Box:

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