The VGA Test Box: Data & Observations

Data & Observations
           With the VGA Test Box completely built & programmed we run through the theoretical operation of it once more. there are 4 buttons that control what is displayed on the screen. 1 SPTT Switch that dictates which color that the text/objets on the screen are; Red, Green or Blue. The VGA connector naturally connects with the cable from the monitor & lastly the on/off switch turns the device on or off.
           With all this in mind lets see the VGA Test Box in action. The first video shows the basic functionality of the box.

           It works! The box does what we want although it is notable that there are some refresh/resyncing issues. The 1-2 second pause while switching between objects is an issue that needs to be solved. Smooth and more steady transitions are desireable.
           The next video focuses more on taking a 360° look at the box & its internals.