Tupperware Turret Airsoft Gun

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Finishing Up The Airsoft Turret
           Things are almost done. We still need to attach the modified airsoft pistol, add the electronics and modify the turret cover so that everything works as it should and looks awesome.

·Take the modified pistol and either screw or E-poxy glue the unit to the wood platform.

·My design used simple E-poxy glue to attach the airsoft pistol to the mobile platofrm.

·Now attach the breadboard and battery power supply to the board.

·Assuemble the circuit has seen in the schematic

·This is the IR receiver module used, it will sneak out the back of the turret cover.

·The IR receiver is just outside the back of the turret.

·Now take the turret plastic cover.

·Cut out a turret-shaped opening so the barrel sticks out. Two small holes are put in the front and back near the bottom of the cover in order to attach the turret cover to the wood platform.

·The cover is placed on the turret. A nut/bolt was added to one side of the cover for balance.

·Your bad-ass Tupperware Turret is complete. Put the software on it and let's go!