Tupperware Turret Airsoft Gun

Schematic Overview
           The Tupperware Turret circuit is as simple as things can get whilst still maintaining full functionality. The main parts seen in the schematic below are the: 18F4520, Servo Motors, IR Receiver and TIP120.

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Schematic Specifics

Power Circuit
           The batteries used for this project are 4 standard AA type batteries. A 100uF capacitor is connected to power and ground to act as a DC filter. This is a bare-bones basic power circuit, it doesn't get any simpler.

Microcontroller Circuit
           The PIC 18F4520 is the brains of this system. It takes in sensor data from the IR receiver module, which will receive commands from the TV remote control. After translating the IR commands, the PIC sends the proper signals telling the servos to move to a correlating position, or if the command to fire the airsoft gun is received, that trigger is set.

IR Sensor Circuit
           This circuit differs a little from the Infrared IR Receiver tutorial's circuit in that a different receiving module is used that filters and amplifies the 38 KHz IR signal all in one device. This means less work for us, less space used and more functionality.

Fire Control Circuit
           The airsoft gun is little more than a motor that moves some gears to push against a spring, causing the gun to fire. To control the firing mechanism, we must only control a motor by turning it off or on. Electrically speaking, this is a very easy thing to do and that is why only 1 high power TIP120 transistor is required to turn the motor off and on.