Tupperware Turret Airsoft Gun

Hardware Design
           Due to the complexity of the overall system, the hardware walk-through will be more of an overview of the assembly process. Hopefully, the specific details of the electrical design have already been covered enough for your liking. As for the mechanical side of things, I kind of played everything by ear and saw how things came together.

·First gather all the parts for the project. The Picture above shows all the parts I used.

·First cut a spot in the very middle for the continuous rotation servo and mount it.

·Try to get it as dead-center as you can, this will make the rotations more circular.

·Cut a piece of wood roughly 27 cm by 5cm and mount it onto of the servo.

·Here you can see how the servo horn attaches to the wood platform.

·Add four chair feet glides near the edges of this piece of wood for stability.

·Spin it around a few times and test how well it moves when weight is on the wood platform.

·Next screw in the servo brack mount. Make sure it is very secure.

·Now place and secure the servo into the mount using some nuts and bolts.

·Now bolt the C bracket and L bracket onto the servo mount.

·Screw a piece of wood 4cm x 8cm to the L servo bracket.