Tupperware Turret Airsoft Gun

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Modifying The Airsoft Gun
           The gun used for this turret will be a generic fully automatic airsoft pistol. I believe the one I use below is modeled after the AEG or the MP5, but after we're done with it you won't be able to recognize it!

·Here is the pistol before anything is modified.

·All the screws and bolts are removed from the plastic case.

·The case is opened, here are all the parts inside.

·We only need the parts in the picture above, everything else is trashed.

·Now take just the plastic case of the gun.

·The black markings indicate where the pistol case needs to be cut.

·After the plastic case is cut, it's much smaller.

·These are the parts needed when putting it back together.

·Put in a few of the nuts and screws to hold the modified case together.

·Now we're ready to continue.