TTL Tilt Sensor

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Schematic Overview
           The schematic for this project is fairly large and you can see the complete schematic below. To explain what is happening here I will split it into two sections which I will call the analog and digital sections.

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Analog Schematic Overview
           The schemtic below (click to enlarge it) is the analog to digital conversion circuit. It has 12 comparators, 6 for the X axis and 6 for the Y axis. These comparators will output a logic '1' when in an active state (previously described in the theory section) otherwise they output a logic '0'. This output is then passed onto the digital circuit where it is parsed.

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Schematic Specifics

LM339 Quad Comparator
           The comparator used for this part of the circuit is the tried and true LM339. It has 4 comparators inside of it and runs off of a single power supply. Since we need 12 comparators in total, 3 LM339 IC's will be used.

Resistor Voltage Divider
           Two voltage dividers are used. The first voltage divider is made up of two 1kΩ resistors which divides the intial +5v down and is then fed to the reference resistor voltage divider. The divided input voltage turns out to be +2.25v and it is also used to power the accelerometer. This part of the design could be simplified but I got a little lazy, sorry!