Wireless XBee Pan/Tilt System

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Hardware Design
           The hardware section will be split into two parts, the first part will focus on the assembly of the transmitter circuit following the schematic. The second part will show you how the receiver was assembled.

The XBee Transmitter
          First we'll start out with all of the parts on the table, ready to be assembled. Make sure you have all the parts like I do and then get started building!

·First the power circuit is assembled, including power LED + resistor.

·Next the basic PIC circuit is added to the breadboard.

·The two trim-pots are connected to the PIC ADC, power and ground.

·The XBee module is connected to Power, Ground and to the serial data output on the PIC.

·The very last thing is adding the push button + 10kΩ pull-up resistor.

·The transmitter hardware is complete, now let's build the receiver assembly.