NTSC Video With VHDL

Data & Observations
           The first test VHDL that was written, was merely to output something recognizeable: a few stripes, black, white and black. The test for that can be seen below on an LCD TV. There is a little distortion at the top but other than that the image shines clean and bright. 100% intensity white and black.

           The second portion, to have a little fun, was to build the image of a chess board. The point of this exercise is to prove that this FPGA VHDL module has control over both every line and every pixel that displays on the screen. The resulting image below is virtually free from any distortion and shows you a standard looking 10x10 grid. The boxes are 20 pixels by 40 lines. Since the effective resolution on the screen is 484 by 263 the board won't look exactly centered.