L298 Stepper Motor Control: Conclusion

An Overview Of L298 Stepper Motor Control
           The L298 offers a superior method of control for a 2-coil stepper motor. A minimal number of I/O lines were necessary which is a great benefit over how many the LMD18245 used in the other stepper motor tutorial. The software seen in this tutorial is not the best way to control the stepper motors but it illustrates the method of control necessary for the unique stepper motor.

What To Do Now
           Now that you can control a stepper motor, the world of mobile robotics & electronics has been opened to you. Get another stepper motor and another L298 and you can get truly mobile. 1 PIC can definitely control two stepper motors with the L298. Developing better software would also be a key first step so that you can vary the motor speed and direction with better precision.

           This tutorial was a success in terms of getting control of the stepper motor. There is alot of room for improvement but the main goal was reached. The stepper motor moved as seen in the video in one direction at a fast pace like the software said it should.
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