DE0-Nano FPGA Tilt Sensing

Current Part:

DE0 Nano Development Suite
Pyro DE0-Nano Breakout Board
[32] 100 mega; Resistors
[32] Green LEDs
Jumper Wire

Parts List Details
           Luckily this project is more software based than hardware so there's not many components. Just a bunch of LEDs and current limiting resistors.

DE0 Nano Development Suite
           This is an academic development suite meant for people who are just getting started with FPGA's. At the $80 price-point, it's a big expensive for hobbyists, but well worth the price from what I have seen of this little board. The programmer is on-board, so getting started is really a no-hassle deal which is rare in the embedded world.

32 100Ω Resistors and 32 LEDs
           There are actually 34 output pins from the expansion port but 32 is a far more 'digital friendly' number, so we'll connect 32 leds to each individual output pin to test that the new breakout PCB works.

Pyro DE0-Nano Breakout Board
           This breakout board was designed and built in a previous article. It allows us to make use of an otherwise useless expansion port on the DE0-Nano board. Through this expansion we'll be able to use a breadboard to make each individual I/O connection to an LED.

Jumper Wire and Breadboard
           A few jumper wires will be used to help connect the breadboard bus lines to ground, so that all the LEDs will have an easy path to ground. A generic breadboard is used for this project, nothing fancy.