Animatronic Neck

Mechanical Hardware Design
           The bulk of this project is in the additional hardware design and construction. The following steps will show you how I built and added the pan and tilt system for our animatron. The next hardware section will focus entirely on the electrical hardware changes.

Building The Circuit
          First get all of the mechanical parts together that you'll need for the project, the picture below shows everything I used.

·First we'll need a mount for the rotate servo. MDF and E-poxy is used.

·With the servo mounted, we need to begin building a mount for the tilt servo.

·First the servo horn is attached to a piece of MDF wood.

·Then the black servo mounts are glued or screwed onto the MDF.

·Now the tilt servo can be mounted. Next we need a mount for the animatronic head.

·First, one piece of MDF is screwed into the tilt servo horn.

·A second piece of MDF is e-poxy glued and secured with a second bolt.

·Here is a close up of the complete pan/tilt system for the animatron.

·The head is glued onto the pan/tilt system with e-poxy.

·The mechanical hardware is complete. Let's take a look at the electronics.