Animatronic Neck

Data & Observations
           We now have a full animatronic head and face. The question is: what can we do with it? The first video I made went to the extreme and used some preprogrammed movements with voices to show you how versatile this system can be. I taped faces of presidents onto the face to give it more character.

           The second video was a simple display of the movement limits for this animatronic head. Most of these movements are the very furthest that the face can move. This gives you a better idea of what this thing is actually capable of.

           Hopefully one or both of these videos has you convinced of how DIY on-the-cheap animatronics are possible. The servo motors are the most expensive part of this project. The most technical thing about this project is servo motor control. So if you can master that, then building your own animatron will be just as easy.