The 16x2 LCD: Display Custom Characters

Data & Observations
           Finally, it's time to have some fun. The PIC has been programmed with the basic custom character program and now we'll give it a test run to see how things come out. Ideally the custom characters should be loaded into the LCD's CGRAM and then displayed on the LCD for us and the world to see.

           You can see the custom characters appear, a long with a little pleasantry about my website =D! And the custom characters display on the 16x2 LCD with no issues!
           Now for even more fun, here's a demonstration of the 'animation' that I claimed to have achieved in the software section. Really, It's just like those dumb GIF images, I made a bar that moves back and forth on the LCD. However, the goal here was not for me to build the coolest animated thing you've ever seen, but to give people a place to start by showing how simple animations can be done on these LCDs relatively easily.