Pyro Propeller Clock POV

Mechanical Hardware Design
           Now that we want to start building the POV, the first thing we need to do is gather the parts, decide on a solid base to use and get the mechanical parts all drilled and screwed together.

Building The Platform
          So, first off gather all of the parts together. The picture below shows you all the parts used to build the POV. The only part not shown is the +12v power supply for the fan and the IR led.

·First off we want to mount the fan to the base. 4 Nuts and Bolts will be used.

·Drill 4 holes in the base for the nuts.

·Do your best to keep the fan centered when fastening it to the plastic base.

·Cut a small piece of wood to glue/e-poxy ontop of the CPU fan.

·Trim the fan blades off and mount the 9v battery holder.

·Now fasten the stand-off nuts and bolts to wood.

·Cut 4 holes into the proto-board so that you can place it ontop the stand-offs.

·Fasten the proto-board atop the stand-offs with some nuts.

·Trim the proto-board to a smaller, more rectangular shape.

·The mechanical work is done. Now we just need to do some electrical work!