Mini IR Theremin

Hardware Design
           The schematic showed us how simple the hardware connections will be, so let's have some fun and build a quick plexi-glass box for our breadboard. A few holes will get drilled across the box to hold our sensor, speaker and LEDs in place.

Putting It All Together
          Building a box isn't rocket science, however I'll put the few steps here for how I did it.

·Here's a standard sheet of some acrylic plastic. They usually come covered to prevent scratches.

·First I cut the big piece into smaller pieces to make my rectangle enclosure.

·The picture below should give you an image of how things will fit together.

·The front of the enclosure should be a 'door', so a attached a small hinge.

·Nothing too complicated, just four screws and 1 hinge from the hardware store.

·The base of the box will fit together like this.

·Using E-Poxy or any strong glue, I glued the parts together with this shape.

·A few items need to be attached to the enclosure, they're pictured below.

·To make sure the speaker, sensor and LEDs fit with the box, I attached them externally.

·Some screws hold these items fixed in place.

·The final box is empty and needs some circuits, forward!