Mini IR Theremin

An Overview Of The Mini IR Theremin
           This mini-styled IR Theremin was meant to give way as an introduction to a different way that the IR proximity sensor combined with a PIC microcontroller can be used. The theremin is a rather spooky instrument in itsself, so making this little guy a little spooky with the blue LEDs was a decent touch I though. The sound of this IR theremin was pretty bland because the tones had little variance, but that comes from the simplicity of the way the tones were generated.

What To Do Now
           The roads to bigger and better projects coming from this one are many. You could get a more reliable ultrasonic sensor and make your whole table resemble an 88 key piano. Another project idea would be to have two proximity sensors, one for treble and one for bass like an accordion. The final option of course, would be to make it more like a true theremin with better spooky sound and true volume control. This project leaves many avenues unexplored, so go explore!

           As an introductory project, I feel things came out successfully. The IR Theremin might not be symphony grade quality, but it's something that you can make in a day and definitely have some fun with. If nothing else, learning how to make a microcontroller play music should be enlightening to some of you not familiar with music. Either way about things, the IR theremin is fun to play and being able to build one should bring you a sense of pride.
           If you have any further questions, I implore you...don't be shy, take a look at the forums or ask a question there. I check them out regularly and love getting comments & questions.