Masochist's Video Card

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Hardware Design
           The Masochist's Video Card has four parts that need to be built. The Hsync Circuitry, Vsync, Color Generator and a 15 pin d-sub connector breakout board for connecting to the LCD. The picture below shows you all the parts Used in the project:

Building The Hsync Circuit
          The first section that we will build is the horizontal synchronization circuit. Gather all of the parts from the schematic together like I did and let's get started wire-wrapping!

·First drill some holes in the corners for the 4 stand-offs.

·Now, layout the wire-wrap IC sockets to where you want each IC to be.

·Flip the board over and get wire-wrapping. Follow the schematic.

·Wire-Wrap and TEST! Wire-Wrap and TEST! Now your Hsync Circuit is done.

·Add a label to the output pin so the world knows which part of the VGA input that it belongs to.

· If the circuit is wire-wrapped together correctly, we will see the 26.4uS horizontal line output to the Hsync pin over and over. Now, onto the Vsync circuitry!