Masochist's Video Card

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Building The Color Generator Circuit
          Your fingers are probably getting sore from all the wire-wrapping but there is still one more section to go. Below you can see all the parts used for building the color generator part of the circuit. I decided to add a second 7805 +5v regulator because the first one was getting mighty warm on its own.

·Layout all your parts out on the board how you want them.

·Now it's time to finish off the wire-wrapping. Follow the schematic and get to work!

·And....done! Notice the blue bus of wires from all the states connected together. Looks kind of cool, no?

·Add some labels to the new pins. I also added a necessary ground pin.

·At this point, the board is done. If you wanted, you could connect the pins to a VGA cable and the LCD would work, shining bright and going through each state. I wanted to make connecting to the LCD a little easier so I quickly threw together a small VGA conector breakout board.