Masochist's Video Card

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Building The Vsync Circuit
          Just like before, gather all of the parts seen in the Vsync schematic. Below you can see a picture of all the parts I used, 9 IC's in total.

·Just like before, layout all your IC sockets and IC's how you want them.

·Now follow the schematic and wire-wrap all the IC's together. Some connections to the Vsync circuit Actually come from the Hsync circuit, so it's ok to cross the boundary.

·To Avoid using an extra IC, I used the 7402 on the Hsync side for the Vsync RS FlipFlop. Other than that, Wire-Wrapping is done!

·Vsync circuitry is complete! If things are wired together properly, you can plug Hsync, Vsync and GND to a VGA LCD. It will display nothing, but it will show you that input is detected.