Short Range Personal Radar: Theory

The Theory
           This project uses three main devices to create the personal radar system. The IR Range sensor gives output, the pic microcontroller processes it and then displays the output on the led array. Here is a simple little animation that demonstrates this:

Using Different Sensors
           An interesting thing about the sharp IR sensors that I've used in this project is that they all follow the same voltage curve so one program can literally fit all sensors. You only have to be aware of the sensor that is being used to make sense of the distance output by the leds.

Our Implementation
           We just got a brief high-level overview of the theory, for more indepth explainations of the theory please go back to any of the tutorials (pic, servos or ir sensors). Now let's take a look at the finished hardware device:

           This is how the device looks when it is completed. So let's move onto the next section and actually assemble the schematic on the proto board and build the hardware enclosure.